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La Bulloneria: alongside companies for over 55 years

Over 55 Years of innovation, quality and service

La Bulloneria was established in 1968 by two partners Bruno Zanella and Alberto Rudelli, who were later joined by Andrea Tosin. The Bassano-based company started as a distributor of fasteners, tools and technical items. In those same years, many other entrepreneurs set up sheet metal and mechanical-working businesses in our area. And we took the first steps of our long journey together. Our business flourished in an area of Italy which was developing at a fast pace and with great innovative spirit.

We provide the most reliable and innovative solutions in the bolt and screw sector.

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Always in search of the most reliable and innovative solutions in the field of fasteners and tools

In the following years, seriousness and reliability have been the constants that have contributed to continuous development, leading to the need to expand our business in 1996 with our relocation to the logistics complex in Bassano del Grappa.

The company’s mission has always been characterized by the desire to satisfy and meet the needs of our customers. To achieve this, we are constantly searching for the best suppliers while also renewing the trust of those longstanding partners who have been with us for decades.

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Next is now: our new facility In Marostica

Presenting itself as a dynamic and well-organized entity in today’s market, Bulloneria boasts a profound expertise in technical components and offers a comprehensive and cutting-edge product range.

In recent years, we have witnessed a consistent growth trajectory, driven by an escalating demand for innovation and the imperative to remain aligned with the rapid evolution of the dynamic workplace landscape. It is primarily in response to these factors that we have made the strategic decision to further expand our operations into the current facility located in Marostica.

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