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Open orders

With this supply contract, after estimating the type of items and their unit price, we estimate the inventory the customer may need in the period of time indicated and agreed upon with the supplier – unless quantities and delivery times are considered binding by the customers themselves. The advantage for the customer is to know the material is certainly available at a locked price for the duration of the contract. This allows them to minimize their inventory, because they know the material is always available.

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Consignment Stock

With this program, the supplier delivers the material to the customer, and ownership is only transferred when the customer collects products to use them. In addition, re-orders are eliminated, because the supplier will ensure that the customer always has the right amount of inventory. It is the supplier’s responsibility to check the customer’s inventory, and provide the necessary material as agreed by both parties.

This ensures that customers:

  • cut the cost of placing new orders
  • cut lead times
  • cut costs of managing their inventory
  • always have minimum inventory levels
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It is an inventory control system aimed at minimizing inventories and reducing re-orders so as to always have a minimum inventory necessary to replace what is used in production. This usually requires flow racks on which color-coded containers are placed. As soon as a container is empty, replacement occurs either by reading the barcode or by replacing the container itself. This process (which is also applied to existing processes) reduces inventories optimizing work flow, and simplifies planning by quickly adjusting to demand. It also eliminates production interruptions, and guarantees locked prices for the duration of the contract.


  • Workflow optimization
  • Stock reduction
  • Simplification of scheduling
  • Possibility of application to existing processes
  • Quick responses to changes in demand
  • Elimination of risks of production interruption
  • Prices unchanged for the duration of the contract.
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Since its founding. La Bulloneria has a well-stocked and efficient sales and display area, constantly enlarged and updated with the introduction of new brands and products.
We believe our customers want to see our wide range of products firsthand, with the support of our expert staff to help them choose what is economically and technically best suited to them.
The shop also provides support for all those customers who need to collect their orders urgently.

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