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Bolts and Screws

Our bolt and screw department has always been on the lookout for more reliable and innovative solutions by keeping up with the changing times, and by constantly expanding its stock of cutting-edge fasteners.

Products available:

Hexagon socket Screws

Hex head screws


Bulloneria cat.C

Slotted and cross recessed screws

Threaded rods - Slotted grains - Hex head caps

Washers - Plates - Disc springs - Retaining rings.

Pins - Rivets - Cotter Pins - Keys

Self-tapping screws - Self-drilling screws - Self-forming screws - Screws for thermoplastics

Wood Screws - Chipboard Screws

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The team of La Bulloneria is constantly up to date to assist you quickly and efficiently, whatever your requirement and/or need may be. Fill out this form to get in touch with our team.

Via Decimo Vaccari, 8
36063 – Marostica (VI)